Hello and welcome to Mohair Magic Design

We specialize in hand knitted and uniquely designed mohair and angora and wool garments. We knit sweaters, dresses and other types of mohair apparel.There's hardly anything that couldn"t be made of yarn.We offer you mainly sweaters in winter, as well as turtleneck sweaters, dresses, cardigans, shawls and many others that could come to our mind depending on the season.

Let me introduce myself and our work.

Three generations of my family are knitting fans. I dont remember  than one of Christmas i didnt wear a new hand knitted dress since my first years.All girls and boys our family grew up wearing hands knitted clothers. As all of us have other occupations, my, besids that  i am economist, knitting designers profession lets me start business allready 30 years. And now i am proud to say that my costumers are the people who  make their choise from greatest world designers. Besids that i am very happy to knit for new customers. I can guarantee the high quality of my job.

If you do not see something that you want on my web site but like our design and crafts we would be glad to take custom order from you.If the sweater or jumpsuit is already sold you can order it by your measurements choosing colors from


Please Contact us for further details and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have
We have been serving eBay community and have had a very positive response from every single person that had ever purchased our knitwear. Many were repeat customers.